Kuta Bungliw

     I am a very sad person. I would nurture negative thoughts and feelings and eventually get depressed and the only thing that can make me feel better is traveling. Good thing I have friends I can invite whenever my serotonin level needs a lift. Thank  you, Jase and Che. So I was checking […]

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Random Road Trip

Have you ever heard of the travel group, “Experience Philippines”? If not, then you’re probably missing out on an adventure of a lifetime! According to their website, Experience Philippines is a travel group that organizes random road trips where the destination is a secret and the activities are a surprise. They go by the tag […]

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Have you ever felt so depressed and hopeless to the point that you just want to disappear? Have you ever asked yourself what’s next? I believe each one of us, in different stages of our lives, have experienced such crisis and it’s only human for us to find ways on how to deal with it, […]

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